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come on.

break me.

30 August
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hopelessly romantic.
80s music, a nightmare before christmas, acdc, american psycho, ani difranco, anne rice, archaeology, art, art history, baseball, beetlejuice, billie holiday, billy joel, bluegrass, blues, bob dylan, bon jovi, breakfast in bed, bushwalla, caravaggio, chai, champagne, christian bale, coldplay, concerts, da vinci, damien rice, daria, dave matthews band, david sedaris, death cab for cutie, documentaries, dogs, donnie darko, dorks, dr pepper., dreaming, dreams, e.e. cummings, edward norton, edwardd scissorhands, egyptology, eisley, ella fitzgerald, elliot, etta james, europe, eye opening experiences, friends, fruit roll ups, gerber daises, glasses, god, good books, guitars, guys with guitars, hair dye, hand picked flowers, holding hands, ice cream, indie films, indie music, interior decorating, jack black, jason mraz, jason mraz's feet :), jazz, johnny depp, journals, journey, led zeppelin, lipsmackers, long drives, long showers, louis armstrong, love, makeup, making coffee, margaritas, matchbook romance, memories, michael moore, moulin rouge, music videos, nerds, new music, new york, oceans, paris, phillip seymour hoffman, photography, pictures, pirates, poetry, punk., rain, randomness, richard marx, rkop, robert frost, romanticism, rooney, sade, san diego, saves the day, sewing, sex, shakespeare, singing, sleeping, sondre lerche, stargazing, strawberries, styx, sunrises, surfing, taking back sunday, tea, tennesse williams, the coen brothers, the hebrew hammer, the lost boys, the lovely bones, the muppets, the simpsons, the virgin suicides, theater, thrift stores, tim burton, tlc, toca rivera, trading spaces, tristan prettyman, van gogh, vanilla ice, vintage, virginia woolf, walt whitman, wildflowers, words, writing